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Taste The Mouthwatering Happiness Cooked In a Haandi

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“IIT/IIM Graduates pursuing a passion”

Who We Are: A bunch of passionate food lovers joins hands in a brand new venture to bring some amazing mutton eating experiences of Maithil Province of Bihar to your city.

Our Mission: To provide authentic, premium, and wholesome food in an eco-friendly manner while empowering those who are less fortunate. Our Staff partners are from a Not-for-profit organisation in Noida.


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My Love for Mutton Korma

For a hard core meat foodie.. A haandi of Mutton Korma is nothing less than Divine. A mild curry in which meat (often yogurt-marinated) is cooked in a thick gravy of ground onions, ginger, garlic, lots of whole and ground spices, and ghee but the real magic of it is to cook on a low

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Kosha MangshoKonnect

Kosha Mangsho (Bhuna mutton in Bangla) is associated with all kind of celebrations, be it Kali Pujo and midnight prasad distribution, elaborate fares at any wedding, JamaiShoshti (a special feast arranged for the sons-in-law), choruibhati (picnics), or a family meal on a Sunday afternoon. It is mostly relished with loochi (refined flour pooris) or with

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